Farzaneh is a Strategy Management Group Strategic Partner and Advisory Board Member with over 20 years of successful business development, change management and innovation experience who has a passion for excellence and thrives on driving change. Farzaneh’s extensive career at global level has resulted in many successful initiatives being adopted lucratively. She believes in simplifying processes and delivering results through strategic planning and effective execution.

As the CEO and Managing Partner of Transform Alliance (TA), Farzaneh is committed to assisting organizations achieve transformation through the engagement of TA’s alliance partners. Having identified the mission of the organization, clients are guided and closely monitored on the journey from Strategy Formation and Implementation to Change Management. A key focus throughout is the end result and measurement of the ROI on each project.

Farzaneh joined the Institute for International Research (IIR) Middle East in 1994 and progressed from a position as Conference Manager to the global role of Partnership Director – Professional Development & Learning Division within Informa PLC.

In this capacity, Farzaneh was responsible for consolidating the network of 500 trainers, ensuring consistency of commercial terms, and worked closely with the trainers and training business managers to develop key products. She also transformed the relationships Informa had developed with key accreditation and certification bodies. During her role, Farzaneh reported to the Managing Director and led a team to manage Informa’s pool of subject matter experts more efficiently. She was instrumental in identifying new talent to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Farzaneh is a Key Performance Indicator Professional (KPIP), Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP) and has a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. She has an Honours degree in Combined Sciences (Statistics & Biology) from University of Brighton in the UK.

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Author: Balanced Scorecard Institute

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