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Strategy Execution Certification

Practical Strategy Execution:

Learn How to Make Strategy Happen

The program teaches leaders, managers, and analysts how to take an existing strategic plan and establish strategy implementation processes to ensure that enterprise-wide strategy is executed well. It is not a course on strategy development or planning, but rather a course on how existing strategic plans can be improved and implemented.

Participants will leave this course with a customized Roadmap for executing their organization’s strategy. The program recognizes that “one size does not fit all” and that each organization is unique. Each delegate’s RoadMap will include recommendations for improving processes and for regularly evaluating the effectiveness of strategy execution.

Strategy Execution Professional Certification

Strategy Execution Professional Certification

The Strategy Execution Professional Certification program teaches delegates practical tools and techniques for successfully executing strategy. The course program is organized around major management processes that have a direct impact on successful strategy implementation. The course is built around five strategy execution “Imperatives” that we and other experts have found contribute significantly to strategy implementation and performance excellence.

The program also recognizes that creating a high-performance organization is a change initiative and includes a change management and communication module to help ensure that a performance culture is developed so strategy implementation can take hold and help move the organization to higher levels of accountability and performance.

Using lectures, open ended group discussions, delegate experiences, and tailored exercises, the program identifies tools, techniques, and best practices that course delegates can use in their organization. The capstone of the certification course is a customized action plan – My Strategy Execution RoadMap – that delegates develop in real time as they study, discuss, and complete exercises in each Imperative. The finished RoadMap contains specific steps that can be applied in delegate organizations to improve the likelihood of strategy execution success.

Price: $3,600

Available discounts for courses hosted in the United States

Early Bird Discount

Save $300 if you register 30 days before the course starts

Public Sector Discount

Save $150 if you work for a non-profit or a government organization

Group Rate Discount

Save $300 each if your team of 3 or more register for the same course


Schedule and Registration

DatesCourse TitleLocationRegion
4/1/2023Apr. 23-May 16 Lead with Impact
Register >> Sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays (Discount Code: STRATEGY5)
LIVE ONLINEUSAOnlineLead with Impact
6/28/2024Jun. 28Caribbean Strategy Summit
Register >> Day 2: CSS Strategy Execution Essentials
LIVE ONLINECaribbeanOnline & In PersonStrategy Execution Essentials
8/5/2024Aug. 5-8Strategy Execution Professional Certification
Register >> Strategy Execution Professional
LIVE ONLINEUSAOnlineStrategy Execution
9/16/2024Sep. 16-19Strategy Execution Professional Certification
Register >> Strategy Execution Professional
LIVE ONLINE or DubaiUAEOnline & In PersonStrategy Execution
9/16/2024Sep. 16-20Mastering Foresight: Scenario-Based Planning Certification
Register >> Scenario-Based Planning (Discount Code: SMG-LBL)
LIVE ONLINEUSAOnlineScenario-Based Planning
11/4/2024Nov. 4-7Strategy Execution Professional Certification
Register >> Strategy Execution Professional
LIVE ONLINEUSAOnlineStrategy Execution
2/3/2025Feb. 3-7Mastering Foresight: Scenario-Based Planning Certification for Public Sector
Register >> Scenario-Based Planning (Discount Code: SMG-LBL)
LIVE ONLINEUSAOnlineScenario-Based Planning


Program Overview

While many leaders, managers, and analysts are comfortable creating a strategic plan for moving their organization forward, many organizations struggle to turn abstract goals and strategies into reality. This training program aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to effectively implement their organization’s strategy by focusing on five key strategy execution imperatives. Unlike traditional strategic planning courses that concentrate on goal setting, this hands-on course allows delegates to work with proven tools, techniques, and interventions that are essential for turning strategy into action. The course is suitable for all organizations and sectors, regardless of the strategic planning framework used to create their plan. It begins with a brief introduction to strategic planning, enabling organizations without a strategic plan to learn how to adopt best practices to develop and successfully implement one.

Created by the Strategy Management Group (SMG) and the Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) and offered in association with the George Washington University Center of Excellence in Public Leadership, the Strategy Execution Professional Certification program provides participants with the tools they need to improve and execute existing strategic plans. The five authors of the course have over 125 years of combined training and consulting experience in strategy, strategic planning, performance measurement and management, and strategy execution in over 50 countries.

Program Details

Sessions include lectures, individual and small group exercises, readings, group discussions, surveys, Q and A’s, visiting expert presentations, real-world examples of successful strategy implementations, and a delegate project tailored to their organization.

Session Lecture

An expert consultant will present content to the entire class. Much like our other educational webinars, this presentation will intersperse polling questions and other activities and will include a Q&A session at the end.

Session Small Group Exercise

Delegates will be split into small groups and will be tasked with completing a small group exercise via web conference. All exercises will be facilitated by an expert consultant. Participants are required to engage via web camera and microphone.

Reading, Quizzes and Exam

Sessions will be complemented with reading assignments, quizzes (not graded), discussion board dialog, and small-group instructor feedback. Upon completion of the course, participants may take and pass the online Strategy Execution Certification Exam to become certified.

Course Benefits

Participants will:

  • Apply strategy execution tools and solutions for overcoming issues and challenges related to strategy execution in their organizations
  • Understand how five imperatives that are critical to successful strategy execution can be incorporated into your strategy implementation efforts:
    • Leadership and Governance
    • Creating a Performance Culture
    • Aligning and Operationalizing Strategy
    • Strategic Project/Portfolio Management
    • Performance Analysis, Reporting and Informing
  • Learn how to test an existing strategic plan for implementation success, and incorporate agility and innovation to make strategy implementation easier and more successful
  • Understand how important clear communications and change management are to achieving successful strategy execution and creating a more high-performance organization
  • Create a customized My Strategy Execution RoadMap for your organization

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for managers, planners, analysts, and others who are charged with implementing plans and delivering results. The course is highly recommended for members of Executive and Senior Management teams, Program and Policy Analysts, Project Managers, and strategy professionals, and performance management teams. The course is also ideal for any business professional who wants to keep abreast of the latest thinking in strategic planning, alignment, strategic program and project management, performance measurement, and strategy execution. Organizations will benefit the most by sending teams to the course who are seeking the best practical ideas for successful strategy implementation in their organizations.

Business and support unit employees will benefit from seeing how strategy is aligned from enterprise level to their level and how plans are implemented to produce results. Enterprise-wide leaders and managers will benefit from learning how to successfully implement the strategy execution imperatives at all organization levels.

The Value of Online Training

Online courses are minimally discounted compared to our live in-person courses. Just as many Universities have found, the cost related to offering a quality course online are just as high, if not higher, than offering a course in person. Direct interaction with experienced SMG consultants is integral to the quality of all our programs, live or online. SMG consultants facilitate all interactive exercises in addition to the lecture, so each participant will likely see 120-180 minutes of instructor time each week, in addition to discussion board and homework review. The value of the content is the same, only the delivery is designed to meet the needs of those that can’t (or don’t want) to travel or be away from their office for five days.

About Our Partnership

In order to provide a seamless, high quality learning experience for the current and aspiring strategy leaders, SMG has partnered with The George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership (GW CEPL), a part of the College of Professional Studies.

Upon successful completion of the Strategy Execution Professional Certification program, participants have the option of earning an additional certificate of completion from the renowned George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership (GW CEPL), part of the GW College of Professional Studies (GW CPS).  For more information about GW CEPL, visit: www.gwu.edu/cepl or contact cepl@gwu.edu.

Credit Hours

Continuing Education Units

The certification gives participants the status of alumni of GW CEPL’s executive education programs, and an opportunity to obtain highly-coveted Continuing Education Units. Please note the additional fee of $720 for this level of certification to obtain 3 Continuing Education Units.  Participants selecting this option would count as alumni of George Washington University’s non-degree executive education programs, which is distinct from degree-bearing academic programs.

Professional Development Units

Balanced Scorecard Institute is an Authorized Training Partner for the Project Management Institute (PMI) and provides Professional Development Units (PDUs) for the Strategy Execution Professional Certification course. Shown below are the instructional hours spent on each area of the PMI Talent Triangle for this course. Access PMI.org and navigate to the Online PDU Reporting (CCR) System.

The PMI Authorized Training Partner seal is a mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


Digital Certification Badges Available

Strategy Execution Credly Badge

The Institute Way

“This is one of the best professional courses I’ve taken in my career. I will be able to apply the learnings immediately when I return to the office.”
Brian Burton

Group Project Manager, T-Mobile US, Inc.

“Best professional course I’ve ever taken! The demands are endless.”

Earnest K. Kiano

Deputy Manager, Kenya Power & Lighting Company, BC Oil and Gas Commission

“This course converted me from a skeptic into a believer.”
Thedora Borissov

Manager, Performance and Measurement, BC Oil and Gas Commission

“Finally, a comprehensive approach that makes sense and ties all of our tools together”
Todd Moon

Chief Operations Service, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau

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