QuickScore Balanced Scorecard Software

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The Fastest Way to Bring a Balanced Scorecard to Life

QuickScore is software that fully automates your Balanced Scorecard with interactive Strategy Maps, Reports, and Alerts. Visit balancedscorecards.com for more information or to try it out for free.

Automate Your Scorecard

Quick Score is the fastest and easiest way to automate your Balanced Scorecard. Just enter your perspectives, objectives, and measures. Then update your measures with actual performance values every month.

Beautiful Strategy Maps

Once you’ve built a balanced scorecard, creating a strategy map is a snap. You just move and resize colored bubbles that represent your strategic objectives. Then you can easily see your performance at a glance.

Cloud Software

You use QuickScore in a web browser, so there’s never anything to install or update.

Any Device

QuickScore works great on all screen sizes, from your cell phone to your board room projector.

Share With Anyone

Share your live dashboards. Guests don’t need a license, and they don’t have to log in.

Built by the Best

Developed and supported by Spider Strategies, QuickScore is marketed by BSI.
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