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Measuring Strategy Execution 

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Webinar – Measuring Strategy Execution

Recorded October 18, 2016 – Replay Available Below

A lot is written about “strategy execution” but less is written about how to measure whether strategy is being effectively executed. Join Howard Rohm, President and CEO, and Joe DeCarlo, Vice President of International Operations, of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, as they discuss how to measure the hard stuff, make sense out of the performance data you’re collecting, and use performance information to better inform decision making.

This webinar will provide the knowledge and insight to understand how KPIs can help drive organizational results and aid decision-making.

Webinar Topics

  • How do you know success when you see it?
  • Measuring the three imperatives of strategy execution
  • Understand the five types of measures that matter and how they are connected
  • Choosing the right KPIs to measure your strategy execution


  • Learn how to develop meaningful performance measures and KPIs
  • Learn how to interpret performance data and transform it into useful business intelligence
  • Learn how to start with what you have and get better over time
  • Learn how to apply performance measurement tools and techniques to achieve Vision 2030

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