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Strategy Essentials for Project Managers

NC PMI Presentation

April 18, 2019

Strategy Essentials for Project Managers provides participants with the essential skills of modern project management within the context of a strategy-focused organization. Delivered by a certified PMP® and a certified strategy expert (SMP, Association for Strategic Planning) from the Strategy Management Group/Balanced Scorecard Institute, this presentation shows how program managers and their organizations can benefit from a focus on strategy, and how they can bridge the gap between strategy and practical project management. The presentation includes three modules: what is strategy and why is it important, how do strategy and project management work to improve organization results, and how can project managers benefit from knowing more about strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the Strategic Planning and Management process, and how strategy and project management can be aligned to improve organization results
  • Understand how enterprise-wide strategy translates to Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Learn how project managers benefit from knowing about strategy
  • Learn how project managers can execute projects strategically

Strategy Essentials for Project Managers

June 18, 2019 – Cary, NC

A one-day interactive experience designed to give seasoned project managers and PMPs® the strategic planning and management knowledge and skills they need to support corporate-level strategy development and successfully implement enterprise-wide strategy through projects at the operations level.

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