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Handbook for Basic Process Improvement


This handbook has been developed to assist team leaders at all levels who are involved in process improvement efforts. Together with the Basic Tools for Process Improvement, or “tools kit,” it provides the practical information you need to initiate and successfully carry out process improvement activities.

The approach and tools described in the handbook follow a Basic Process Improvement Model. This model differs in many respects from the Process Improvement Flowchart found in the CNO-sponsored Starter Kit for Basic Process Improvement distributed to commanding officers several years ago. The Basic Process Improvement Model is much more detailed, in keeping with the “how to” approach used in the new handbook. Together, the model and handbook explain the actual actions teams must take to improve a process.


Tools for Basic Process Improvement

File Size Description
AFFINITY.PDF 425 KB Affinity Diagram
BRAINSTM.PDF 318 KB What is Brainstorming?
C-EDIAG.PDF 412 KB Cause and Effect Diagram
CONTROL.PDF 885 KB Control Chart
DATACOLL.PDF 655 KB Data Collection
DESCNTLS.PDF 421 KB Decision Making Tools
FLOWCHRT.PDF 430 KB Flowchart
HISTGRAM.PDF 487 KB Histogram
OPDEF.PDF 507 KB Operational Definitions
PARETO.PDF 570 KB Pareto Chart
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