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Strategy Execution

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Strategy Execution—Success Through Leadership

Course 510 – 3 Days
Price: $2,995

This workshop provides practical approaches by which an organization’s leadership can determine, for themselves – aided by the experience of others – how they can accomplish three imperatives essential to leading their strategic efforts successfully. The workshop addresses major obstacles and challenges faced in strategy efforts, and how to overcome them by focusing on leadership, people, systems and processes. Print a Brochure

Most organizations recognize that it is important to plan for the future; even those that are highly successful today recognize the need to have a strategy to take them to future success. In pursuit of this end, leaders develop “Strategic Plans” in which they describe what they believe they need to do to be successful. They identify strategic tools like objectives, initiatives, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide their efforts and gauge success.

Unfortunately, too many organizations lose focus and momentum soon after “the plan” is completed. Harvard Business Review puts the ROI of traditional planning at 34% or less. According to several surveys of top leaders, only 19% of strategic plans achieve their objectives and that only 25% of the leaders are even motivated by the plans they create.

What separates the most successful efforts from all the others?  Based upon thousands of hours of research and consulting, we have found the “Three Imperatives” for successful strategy execution are:

  1. Senior Leaders Lead
  2. All People are Involved and Supported
  3. All Systems and Processes Work Together

This workshop establishes a process by which an organization’s leadership can determine, for themselves – aided by the experience of others – how they can accomplish these Three Imperatives, and lead their strategic efforts successfully.

The workshop deals with the issues and challenges faced in strategy efforts, and how those challenges relate to leadership, or to people, or to systems and processes. The program includes a real-life Case Study of a very successful strategy effort, and demonstrates the leadership, people and system challenges they overcame. The heart of the program is a series of activities in which participants develop concrete approaches to overcoming issues and challenges in these three areas, and to achieve the Intended Result for each Imperative:

  1. The Senior Leadership team, and its members, provides active, personal and visible leadership of strategy
  2. The organization is characterized by open, interactive communication, teamwork and collaboration among people with the capacity and resources to do what is required
  3. All of the organization’s leadership and management systems and processes are aligned to support strategy
Who Should Attend?
This workshop is recommended for:

  • Those in key roles in leading and supporting their organization’s strategy
  • Leaders who are certified Balanced Scorecard Professionals or Strategic Management Performance System Professionals
  • Leaders who are in organizations who have adopted a Strategic Management System
  • Small teams of colleagues from the same organization

Course Benefits

Participants will benefit from:

  • Valuable “take-aways” that fit the participant’s organization
  • Interaction with others in strategy leadership roles; share successes and challenges
  • The non-competitive environment in which to share and obtain guidance on dealing with “real world” strategy execution issues
  • Align their own strategy maps to the Three Imperatives for successful execution
This workshop was developed by Dr. Gardner Shaw, Senior Associate, in partnership with Strategy Management Group. Dr. Shaw and the  instructors use a combination of short lectures, examples, and relevant exercises to help participants learn and apply leadership concepts.  A key component of the workshop is a briefing that participants or participant teams develop throughout the session, and present for discussion with the other participants at the end of the program. It is very valuable to have two or more members of the same organization working on this briefing, sharing organization-specific issues and knowledge. This briefing gives participants an opportunity to “put it all together” and provides a valuable product for them to take back to their workplace.
Course Outline

Part I: Overview/Review of Strategy Development process

  • Major Steps and Flow of Logic
  • Participant Experience; Challenges Identified
  • Case Study Presentation

Part II: Three Imperatives for Strategic Leadership

  • Senior leaders Lead
  • All People are Involved and Supported
  • All Systems and Processes Work Together

Part III: Putting it all together: Participant briefings and group discussion

  • Session Take-Aways
  • Creating your own Story
  • Future Agenda and Planned Actions

Summary and Next Steps: How the Balanced Scorecard Institute Can Help Your Organization

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn:

  • Specific actions to ensure that senior leadership is driving and visibly leading the strategy effort
  • Specific resources, structures and individuals that need to be put in place to support the strategy effort, and a plan to continue to identify such needs on an ongoing basis
  • Approaches to communicating the organization’s focus, and the importance each individual plays in achieving the organization’s strategy
  • Key skills and knowledge  that will be required of people at various stages of carrying out the strategy
  • The specific roles and behaviors that need to be recognized and compensated and a process for continuing to review and update this
  • A process by which to link the organizations Performance Management System to the strategic objectives and initiatives
  • An ongoing process for aligning initiatives and projects to strategy
  • A process that assures that organizational performance measures are developed around the organization’s strategic objectives
  • An ongoing and structured approach to evaluating the content and execution of the strategy

Feedback from the Strategy Execution—Success Through Leadership course:

  • “The Balanced Scorecard Institute’s training is very effective. It provides a unique framework for professional growth, development, and leadership.”
  • “This is an experience that has deepened my insight to strategy management particularly with regards to change management and leadership engagement.”
  • “This course is a must for managers and business leaders who are interested in understanding the effect of strategy management.”
  • “A course that is vital for any leader who wants real successful outcomes.”


Feedback from other Balanced Scorecard Institute courses:

  • “The BSI Certification goes far beyond studying the theory & history of a balanced scorecard management system. This course gives individuals the tools necessary to build, implement, and manage a comprehensive tier 1-3 scorecard at their own organizations. The knowledge & skills gained are successful combination of theoretical & practical application that empower students to facilitate construction of this scorecard from the ground up” – Shella Blackburn, Manager Corporate Performance, Mission Essential Personnel.
  • “The BSP Certification Boot Camp was on enriching learning experience. The case studies and peer interactions helped to turn theory into practice.” – David Branch, Director of Business Performance, Constellation Energy.
  • “This course converted me from a skeptic into a believer” – Thedora Borissov, Manager, Performance and Measurement, BC Oil and Gas Commission.
  • “I will be sending more of my staff to this [BSP Certification] course” –Steve Jonnes, FBI, Unit Chief – Performance Analysis Unit.
  • “Best professional course I’ve ever taken! The demands are endless” — Earnest K. Kiano, Deputy Manager, Kenya Power & Lighting Company.
  • “Finally, a comprehensive approach that makes sense and ties all of our tools together”, Todd Moon, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau, Chief Operations Service.
  • “Although we only implemented the balanced scorecard approach a couple of years ago, we have already seen improvements in our operations. The [Nine Steps to Success™] approach helps us focus on our ambitious goal to drastically increase the number of transplants we facilitate by 2015.” – Michael Boo, Chief Strategy Officer, National Marrow Donor Program.
  • “Change is easy. Transition is more difficult—Balanced Scorecard Institute showed us not only how to change the organization-but more importantly how to manage the change process effectively.” Joe Cernero, Professional Development Manager, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
  • “We are very pleased with the help provided by the Institute. We are aiming for high revenue targets in a geographically diverse market, and the Institute helped us translate our strategy into something that employees can actually use.” – Laurent Auguste, President and CEO, Veolia Water Americas.
Public Sector Discount:

There is a $150 discount for participants from public sector and not-for-profit organizations (use discount code NP).

Multi-Registration Discount:

There is also a $300 discount for three or more participants from the same organization. We encourage more people from the same organization to attend so that they can collaborate during the workshop.

Early Bird Special:

$300 additional discount per participant for signing up 30 days before the start of the course.

Please contact us about hosting this course at your location.

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