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Alan is a Strategy Management Group Senior Associate and a UK-based management consultant and trainer who has focused his last 22 years’ experience on the Balanced Scorecard and its practical application as the key enabling tool to achieve effective strategy execution.

After an executive-level career with a major London-based bank, Alan began a second career as an independent consultant / trainer in 1996, having already achieved 3 years’ experience of leading an early BSC program within his former bank. As Alan describes it – “when we started our BSC in 1993 there were no consultants, trainers, text-books nor conferences on the subject. We just had the initial Harvard papers and a lot of initiative and enthusiasm – and hard work. It’s a great way to learn.”

As a trainer, focusing mainly on the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Execution matters, Alan has conducted well over 300 events across the world, but with a special focus on the Middle East and South East Asia. Alan’s Scorecard assignments have covered a wide range of industry sectors, within family, private and public ownership.

In addition to the conventional development of scorecards, Alan has 3 special areas of interest on the subject:

  • Ensuring that organizations make the best use of the Scorecard concept and tool: too many organisations struggle with this aspect of their strategy management
  • The “HR Scorecard” which focuses on the development of the Learning & Growth / Organisational Capacity perspective (always the most challenging part of the Scorecard) and the Tier 2 development of the HR function Scorecard
  • Applying the Balanced Scorecard concept to SMEs: an exercise in pragmatic adaptation

Alan brings a practical and disciplined approach to his consulting and training assignments with the ultimate focus on helping organisations to improve real-world sustained business performance rather than simply aligning with text-book theory.

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