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Bob is a Balanced Scorecard Institute Senior Associate, a certified Balanced Scorecard Master Professional and Managing Director of a management consulting organization based in Australia. With a PhD in science and experience as a researcher, he brings a strong scientific and evidence-based approach to his work, ensuring that best practice approaches are adopted, while at the same time always looking for new and creative ways of improving processes and outcomes. His main areas of expertise are strategy development and effective implementation, evaluation of major programs and systems, and performance measurement and management. He is passionate about capacity building and supporting organizations to be high performing and delivering sustainable outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Bob has worked in private, public and not-for-profit sectors in a diverse range of areas including manufacturing, tertiary education, health and overseas development. Prior to establishing his own consultancy business in 2009, Bob was Director of Performance with a large regional public health service in Australia where, among other things, he initiated and then oversaw the implementation and cascading of the Balanced Scorecard over an eight-year period. With 15,000 staff, over 40 hospitals and community centers, this was one of the largest implementations in the health sector internationally. Feedback from an evaluation conducted 10 years after commencement was extremely positive with the following comments indicative of those from senior management, ‘The Balanced Scorecard is part of our organizational DNA and what sets us apart as an excellent performing organization’ and ‘I don’t know of a better tool to get an organization focused and staff seeing how they can contribute to success’. Bob continues to play an important role in strategy development and evaluation in the health sector.

Bob has facilitated over 150 Balanced Scorecard and strategy workshops in a variety of settings in Australia, Asia and the Pacific and has led a number of independent reviews or evaluations of organizational programs and systems. He is trained in cross-cultural communication, can speak Indonesian and has lived and worked in South East Asia.

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