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Dr. Sandy McLure is a Strategy Management Group (SMG) Senior Associate and an experienced analyst, evaluator, and facilitator, with over 30 years experience working for the multinational corporation, Unilever. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (UK) and fulfilled a wide variety of engineering management positions during his Unilever career in the UK, The Netherlands and Zimbabwe. He spent much of his last 10 years with Unilever improving asset productivity by promoting and developing the application of Professional Project Management and associated tools and techniques such as Value Management, Value Engineering and Risk Analysis/Management. During this period, he was also actively involved in implementing TQM in his unit, leading to ISO 9001 certification.

For SMG, Sandy has experience building balanced scorecards for clients such as a construction company, a photonics equipment manufacturer, a professional association, a consulting company, a satellite communications company and an international organization. Sandy is also an instructor for many of the SMG’s courses, including the Balanced Scorecard Master Professional Certification course, the Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification Boot Camp, Advanced Balanced Scorecard, Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard and Developing Meaningful Performance Measures.

Sandy also has federal government experience as a contractor to the Department of Labor for cost-benefit analysis and budget/performance integration, the Department of Transportation for competitive sourcing, and Office of Management & Budget for an E Gov project.

Sandy has B.Sc. (1st Class Honours) and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He is a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK) and obtained a Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance from the UK ACCA. He has been Chairman of the Value Management Group of the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers and Chairman of the UK Institute of Value Management.

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