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Edna Sokoll-Arévalo is an Associate with the Balanced Scorecard Institute and the Strategy Management Group, Inc. She is also a seasoned coach in leadership, organizational culture, and high-performing teams, passionately guides individuals and organizations toward excellence. Edna is a Biochemical engineer from Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM), a SACSCOC accredited university in Monterrey, Mexico, and a doctoral candidate at Concordia University Texas. Edna fosters a deep appreciation for multiculturalism, based on her background as a bicultural and bilingual leader.

Edna has a proven record of accomplishment in non-profit, education, and business leadership, Edna is not just a consultant but an enthusiastic workshop facilitator. She is committed to creating impactful experiences, as she helps leaders and teams thrive.

Professional Highlights

Leader of organizations in both non-profit, academic, and business realms.

  • 3 start-up companies, including Sokoll Resources
  • 3 years in public education and principal certified in Texas
  • 10 years in private k-12 education
  • 5 years leading teams in manufacturing and retail industries


A dynamic engineer with an unwavering passion for learning, innovation, and excellence

  • 3 years leading in engineering spaces
  • Research and development work experience
  • Sales related to research and development innovations


Founder and Chair of the Board of a Non-Profit organization

  • 8 ½ years leading diverse teams and organizational operations
  • Defining the roles of board members and constituents
  • Setting and implementing policies for the organization
  • Approving annual operating budgets


Global Facilitator & Connector

  • Hosted delegates, scholars, and graduate students from 18+ countries, including Central African Republic, China, Nepal, Taiwan, Iraq, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, India, and Mexico
  • Lived in Mexico, Italy, Turkey, and Spain
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish (native)



  • Organizational Culture with The BluePrint Toolset


Key Skills

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Performance Enhancement
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  • Innovation & Continuous Learning
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