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Jay Eubanks is a Senior Associate with the Balanced Scorecard Institute and the Strategy Management Group, Inc. Jay brings 15 years’ expertise in the areas of performance management, strategy, change management, training, organization development, and organization transformation. He works with Executives and Leaders in both public and private sector organizations and uses proven methods, approaches, and frameworks to improve vision, execution, and performance focused on results. Jay’s expertise helps organizations develop and use strategic planning, performance measures, acquisition management, budgeting, change management, and strategic communications to improve organizations efficiency and results.

As a trusted advisor and consultant, Jay works with political and executive-level government officials from Federal, state, and local government agencies in the assessment, implementation, and reporting of performance. Past clients include the United States Army and Navy, the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, Commerce, Veterans Affairs, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). He has also worked with several State and local governments, including Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Texas, the City of Phoenix, and Southern California Regional Rail Authority.

Jay’s private sector experience includes assignments with GroundSwell, Execute To Win, Phoenix Soccer Development Group, United Technologies, and others.

During his career Jay has worked at The Performance Institute, ICF International, and Enlighteneering Since 2012, Jay has owned and operated the consulting firm 2B Performance, LLC. Jay graduated in 2001 from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in American Political Studies with emphasis on the American Legal System. He is certified by Prosci in Change Management and is also a Certified Government Performance Manager.

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