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WHAT’S HOT: Harnessing the Power of Project Management shows what you can do today to make your team, division, or company exponentially more successful at what it already does well. Whether you are CEO, manager, team leader, or team member, getting the most from your people and giving the most to your customers mean perfecting your method of project management. Harnessing the Power of Project Management is equal parts sales tool, operations and leadership manual, delivery program, and proven methodology, designed for easy access to the information you need. It delineates how you and your organization can take advantage of effective project management to grow in today s ever-changing business environment. Whether your organization is for-profit, not-for-profit, or a government agency, pinpointing and capitalizing on its unique strengths are the keys to success. With real-life examples from numerous organizations, including Fortune 50 companies and small firms, this book guides you in generating precise change at the heart of your organization and accelerating its growth, profit, and client potentials.

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