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Recovering Failing Projects


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In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, you will review the keys to identifying project deficiencies and facilitating resolutions of failures in order to achieve a successful project. Recovering a failing project requires attention to a number of interdependent factors which, taken together, form the basis for achieving project success. This workshop is designed to enable participants to understand what it takes to achieve ongoing project excellence, and to identify specific actions they can take to begin the transition from project failure to success within their own projects.

Who Should Attend the Course

PMO Directors, Project Managers and Program Managers.

How You Will Benefit

When effectively addressed, these important considerations will enable your organization to identify a project that is failing or in danger or failure and facilitate success:

– Capability (are the right people who are able to successfully work on and manage the project assigned to the project?)
– Consistency (is the project using identified methods and processes in order to be successful on all (or most) project initiatives)
– Predictability (having the confidence in your people and processes that allows you to initiate projects knowing that the probability of successful completion is high)
– Visibility (removing the tendency to answer important questions such as “How’s it going?” and “How did it go?” with informal or undocumented responses)
– Sustainability (i.e., the ability to put an overall system in place that will last throughout the life of the project with minimal ongoing senior management intervention)

Note: This class is designed as a corporate class for ten or more people and is not a public offering for individuals.




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