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Understanding the Global Project Environment


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Managing projects on a global scale introduces many new complexities and variables that the project manager must be aware of and consider when managing the project. This course discusses these variables from a theoretical and from a practical application standpoint. Global project management discuss the cultural, ethical, emotional, technical, distance and travel related challenges that are present in a project that crosses international boundaries. Some of these factors also exist to varying levels in a project that simply crosses geographic boundaries. This course will be led by Wes Balakian founder and CEO of TSI. Wes is an experience program manager and a PMI component mentor. Wes has led numerous projects and programs in the global environment.

This two day course will teach project managers about culture, religion, money, time, risk, relationships, and many other important skills to be successful in a global project today.


Note: This course is designed as a corporate class and does not accept individual enrollments.


To schedule your class, please call Christy MacLennan or Wes at 972.770.0900. Ask about group discounts and any other details you wish.


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