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Robert McDonald

Robert McDonald

Robert McDonald is an accomplished and business-driven leader with an impressive track record spanning two decades. His career has been characterized by his exceptional ability to manage, develop, and lead business operations both nationally and internationally, consistently achieving key performance indicators such as revenue, profitability, market share, customer satisfaction, and retention goals.

His expertise extends across various domains, including strategic planning and execution, sales and marketing management, organizational restructuring, change management, process improvement, P&L management, and problem-solving. Robert’s educational background is equally diverse, encompassing qualifications such as being a Balanced Scorecard Strategic Planning Professional, holding an MBA, having expertise in Project Management, Lean Management & Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, and possessing a BSc degree.

Throughout his professional journey, Robert has held pivotal roles such as Worldwide Business Operations leadership for a $1.5 billion Line of Business, Country Managing Director overseeing a $12 million operation, Managing Director for a $14 million global business operation, and Chief Chemist for Caribbean Subsidiaries in a multinational corporation.

Beyond his corporate accomplishments, Robert is deeply involved in his community and has contributed in various leadership capacities, serving as President of the Jamaica Exporters Association, Vice President of the Harbor Restoration Foundation, President of Jamaica Save the Children Fund, and being an active member of Refugee Hope Partners.

Suzy Nisbet, SPHR, CCP

Suzy Nisbet, SPHR, CCP

Suzy Nisbet is an experienced strategist, consultant, facilitator, and trainer. She is a Balanced Scorecard Institute Senior Consultant with over 20 years of relevant experience. Suzy leads clients through building strategic management plans that create a results-oriented environment. Through coaching executives and managers in positive employee engagement, she focuses on connecting top-level strategy to the daily work of individual employees. She provides expert advice and guidance to organizations in the government, non-profit, university, and private sector, including military, aerospace, technology, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, insurance, and services. She is also a long-time instructor for our Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification Course and has taught strategy professionals from across the world.

BSI clients that Suzy has served include US Marine Corps Semper Fit, US Naval Air Systems Command PMA-231, NASA Safety and Mission Assurance, US Defense Media Activity, Concordia University Texas, Cisco Capital, Liebherr Group, Tolko Industries, Arapahoe County Government, Wake County Community Services, Fort Bragg, Capital Metro Austin, U.S. Defense Accounting and Finance Service, and Ethiopia Federal Ministry of Health.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude), Suzy holds certifications as a Balanced Scorecard Master Professional, Certified Everything DiSC® Trainer, SHRM Senior Certified Professional, Senior Professional in Human Resources, Certified Compensation Professional, and Global Remuneration Professional.

Located in Cary, North Carolina, Suzy focuses her personal time on her family, friends, fitness, and faith.

Dr. Gardner Shaw

Dr. Gardner Shaw

Dr. Gardner Shaw is a Strategy Management Group Senior Associate. Dr. Shaw is a management consultant and executive trainer who focuses on helping organizations achieve better results. He has over 20 years of experience in management, applied statistics, organizational behavior, training and facilitation, and policy implementation. Much of Dr. Shaw’s work has been with the senior leadership of organizations, in strategic planning, performance measurement, and system/process analysis. He has designed and delivered courses in performance measurement, process analysis and process management for managers and internal consultants, and is a frequent speaker at conferences on performance management.

He worked (in conjunction with Howard Rohm) to develop a Balanced Scorecard Strategic Management System for the Joint Interagency Task Force – East, and to provide training in performance measurement of IT professionals in GSA. He has also worked with the several agencies in the Department of Labor in improving the linkage of their performance measures to their mission, and identifying more outcome-oriented measures, as well as assisting in specific performance and process improvement initiatives. Dr. Shaw worked with senior managers of the FDIC in developing results-oriented performance measures of agency performance, as part of Strategic Planning process. He worked with Division managers within FDIC in developing Annual Performance Plans.

In addition, he has provided strategic planning support to such organizations as the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Staff, and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. He has provided support in performance measurement and process improvement to Federal agencies that include the Internal Revenue Service, the Joint Staff, and the Defense Security Service. Dr. Shaw has served as a senior consultant with Process Management International (PMI), providing consulting, facilitation, and training expertise to a variety of government sector clients. Prior to working with PMI, Dr. Shaw provided consultation and training support to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy’s civilian radioactive waste management program.

Dr. Shaw was a member of the faculty of SUNY Buffalo, where he did research and writing in organizational behavior and inter-organizational relations, and taught in the areas of public management, applied statistics, public policy analysis, and economic and risk assessment. He has also served as director of research for a private, non-for-profit business association, as a high school principal, and as a secondary school teacher.

Edna Sokoll-Arévalo

Edna Sokoll-Arévalo

Edna Sokoll-Arévalo is an Associate with the Balanced Scorecard Institute and the Strategy Management Group, Inc. She is also a seasoned coach in leadership, organizational culture, and high-performing teams, passionately guides individuals and organizations toward excellence. Edna is a Biochemical engineer from Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM), a SACSCOC accredited university in Monterrey, Mexico, and a doctoral candidate at Concordia University Texas. Edna fosters a deep appreciation for multiculturalism, based on her background as a bicultural and bilingual leader.

Edna has a proven record of accomplishment in non-profit, education, and business leadership, Edna is not just a consultant but an enthusiastic workshop facilitator. She is committed to creating impactful experiences, as she helps leaders and teams thrive.

Professional Highlights

Leader of organizations in both non-profit, academic, and business realms.

  • 3 start-up companies, including Sokoll Resources
  • 3 years in public education and principal certified in Texas
  • 10 years in private k-12 education
  • 5 years leading teams in manufacturing and retail industries


A dynamic engineer with an unwavering passion for learning, innovation, and excellence

  • 3 years leading in engineering spaces
  • Research and development work experience
  • Sales related to research and development innovations


Founder and Chair of the Board of a Non-Profit organization

  • 8 ½ years leading diverse teams and organizational operations
  • Defining the roles of board members and constituents
  • Setting and implementing policies for the organization
  • Approving annual operating budgets


Global Facilitator & Connector

  • Hosted delegates, scholars, and graduate students from 18+ countries, including Central African Republic, China, Nepal, Taiwan, Iraq, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, India, and Mexico
  • Lived in Mexico, Italy, Turkey, and Spain
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish (native)



  • Organizational Culture with The BluePrint Toolset


Key Skills

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Performance Enhancement
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration
  • Innovation & Continuous Learning
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